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Private Pilot Licence (PPL)

Getting your Private Pilot Licence (PPL) at North East Aviation Training is your first step on your aviation journey or your long-held dream to own your fly your own aircraft.


Your PPL will let you fly single engine piston aircraft and is valid for a lifetime but must be renewed.


You need to be 17 to take your flight test but you can start training from the age of 14 and fly solo from 16. 


You’ll need a Class 1 or Class 2 Medical Certificate prior to your first solo flight.  A Class 2 Medical Certificate is valid for five years and can be obtained from a UK Civil Aviation Authority Authorised Medical Examiner (AME). We're happy to help you arrange this.


Training requirements

Our instructors will help you progress through the necessary flight exercises from basic handling to navigation and emergencies.


You’ll need to complete at least 45 hours flight time. This must include 25 hours of dual instruction and 10 hours solo. The 10 hours solo must include five solo hours cross-country and a qualifying cross-country flight.


You’ll also need to complete nine exams before you can take your flight test:

  • Air Law

  • Operational Procedures

  • Navigation and Radio Aids

  • Meteorology

  • Aircraft General Knowledge

  • Principles of Flight

  • Flight Performance and Planning

  • Communications

  • Human Performance and Limitations


Once you’ve completed your training and passed your exams, you’ll take your skills test with a CAA Authorised Examiner. The test examines your navigation and general handling abilities.

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