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In purchasing products from Eshott Airfield or the Eshott School of Flying, the customer (be it the voucher holder or original customer) will agree with and adhere to the Terms & Conditions.  Whilst we will genuinely will try to reasonably accommodate any individual request or extenuating circumstance, the Airfield operator Bockenfield Aerodrome Limited and the Eshott School of Flyinh will reserve the right to follow the below terms and conditions should we need to:
Refunds will be only be given at the discretion of Eshott Airfield or the Eshott School of Flying.  No refunds are available on unused flights or training purchased through the Eshott Airfield website or reception desk.  If your flight is cancelled because of a weather related issue, your voucher will remain valid until you are able to book it again. 
Any voucher purchased must not be transferred to another party or voucher holder once purchased through this website. Any voucher number that has been claimed by another name will be deemed as void or used with no refund available. 
If the voucher holder fails to show on the date and time of a booked flight, the voucher will be deemed to have been used. No refund will be given.  We ask that you arrive 15 minutes before your flight time. 
Eshott Airfield & the Eshott School of Flying reserves the right to cancel the booking at any time and for any reason - this may include but is not limited to poor weather conditions, operational reasons, aircraft downtime or safety reasons.  Your voucher will remain valid but you will not be due a refund from a cancelled booking.
All flight vouchers purchased through the website are valid for 12 months from date of purchase.  Any voucher purchased through a third party website may have it's own validity that is not under the control of Eshott Airfield or the flight school.  You can extend your voucher for a further 6 months before it expires for a £30 admin fee. 
The maximum safe operation for our aircraft is roughly 17 stone but this will depend on various  factors on the day.  If this may affect you please let us know as soon as possible to ensure a safe flight or to avoid disappointment.  It is a legal requirement that the weight of the aircraft is in line with the Pilot Operating Handbook.
In taking part in an activity on this site, you will do so on the understanding that the activity generally holds an added element of risk.  In addition to accepted an added level of risk in purchasing through this website, you will be asked to sign a disclaimer prior to the activity taking place.  Whilst all reasonable precautions are taken for your safety, if you are not prepared to sign any disclaimer to indemnify you will not be able to take part in your chosen activity and you will not be entitled to a refund. 
Airfields by definition often an environment with an increased risk.  The site is a WWII airfield and as a result there is always the possibility of 'trips and slips'.  All visitors should report to reception on arrival and should under no circumstances cross the gate and enter the 'airside' areas of the site without supervision from a member of staff.   
A variety of events take place throughout the year at Eshott Airfield.   Some of these events are profit making and many are for charity.  

With both our charity events and private events, if the event is cancelled Eshott Airfield will always refund 100% of the ticket price to the purchaser.    
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