Hangar57 welcomes the MS315

Last night, the only flying Morane Saulnier MS.315 arrived at her new home at Eshott Airfield, just in time for Picnic with the Planes this weekend.

The airframes history is quite special. This particular MS.315 was hidden in an aircraft hangar in Melun Villaroche aerodrome near Paris during WWII. The aerodrome was taken over and occupied by the Luftwaffe forces and was used to house various Kampf Geschwader bomber units using the Heinkel HE111. To avoid the aircraft being used by the German forces, it was hidden in the hangar and the wing removed and put outside in a puddle to appear that it was unusable. As a result, she survived to this day and after a lengthy restoration is now flying again in the UK.

She remains the only flying MS.315 anywhere in the world.

We have to say a huge thank you to the Light Aircraft Association for their help in returning this beautiful and unique machine to the skies. We also have to thank the wonderful people of Full Sutton Airfield for helping us refuel on route, but our biggest thank you has to go to the incredibly helpful members at Yearby Airfield near Redcar who helped us with some tools that were required on route.

Some special moments captured by our friends Mark & Andy.

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