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Halloween at Eshott Airfield

We are so proud to be announcing the grand total raised from our Halloween event is £2308.10!!!

All of this will be going directly to the well deserving SSAFA - The Armed Forces Charity. This charity exists to relieve need, suffering and distress amongst the Armed Forces, veterans and their families in order to support their independence and dignity.

Thank you to every single person who attended this event! We can only apologise for any nightmares your children may be experiencing, but we really loved spooking them! It was fantastic to see so many locals from the surrounding villages enjoying your local airfield.

We don’t know where to begin when it comes to thanking our dedicated and selfless volunteers. You have all shown amazing enthusiasm throughout this event (and many others previously!).

Without our incredible volunteers none of this would have been possible. Despite you all having full time jobs, for 3 nights you donned your costumes and your masks. You braved the cold, the wind, and the rain. All the while with a smile on your face - and the occasional hiss and growl from our scarier characters!

A special mention to the local business Three-16 in the village of Eshott, providing our infamous Red Man and the infrastructure required to hold the event. Take a look at to see what else they can supply.

Every single one of you, we appreciate you. You will always be part of our Eshott Airfield family!

For those of you that enjoyed the Eerie Escapade, we cannot wait to have you at our next event....

...15/05/21 - hold the date!!

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