Eshott Airfield - 122.855

Heres a quick guide for what you need to know if you're thinking of visiting Eshott Airfield. There have been changes to runway 550m 26/08 as there is no longer an extended threshold. Pilots of larger aircraft may wish to choose runway 19/01 at 600m length if required. If you've got any questions or require PPR contact us on 01670 787881.  

Piper Meridian Eshott Airfield

eshott airfield at a glance

// Runway 01R / 19L - 600m tarmac (01 /19 grass available)
// Runway 26L / 08R - 550m tarmac (no extended threshold)
// Eshott Radio: 122.855     
// Newcastle Radar: 124.380
// View the Flying Order Book.


Jet A1 refuelling - no landing fees

Eshott Airfield now offers rotors running fuelling with F34 Jet A1 fuel - there are no movement fees on Jet A1 uplifts - for PPR or information about long term use of the site contact the office on 01670 787881.  If you are new to Eshott, please click here to view our helicopter joining procedure. 

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Noise abatement  

Whilst Eshott Airfield is situated away from towns and villages, we do have noise sensitive areas.  Please take a look at the diagram above to help us respect our local residents. 


opening hours 

Eshott Airfield is currently open seven days a week from 07:00 to 23:00. No aircraft are to be operated on the airfield outside of these times unless there is a genuine emergency. 

Purple Aviation

aircraft hangarage 

If you'd like to enquire about basing your aircraft at Eshott Airfield please contact us for more information.  Rates for aircraft hangarage start from just £135p/m including VAT.