We recognise that as the only major airfield in Northumberland, it is likely that aircraft causing unnecessary noise in a particular area or low level flying could be based at Eshott Airfield. As a result, residents may wish to complain about activity around the airfield or at the facility itself.  

Every complaint received through this website will be logged and stored securely on a password protected database.  You can read more about our GDPR policy here.  It is important that you fill out the form with as much detail as possible about the incident. We will not accept complaints anonymously and you must therefore provide your full name, address and contact details or your complaint will not be logged by Eshott Airfield.

All complaints will be stored and be reviewed with Northumberland County Council on a regular basis.  All complaints will be logged formally and this may appear on conveyancing house searches. 
You can contact us at any time to withdraw your complaint from the system if you no longer want your details stored.  In some cases Eshott Airfield may share your complaint with a number of relevant authorities - this includes but is not limited to the Civil Aviation Authority, Police, Fire Service, NATS contacts, Boarder Force / Special Branch.
In the event of the complaint involving an aircraft rather than ground activity at the airfield, it is likely that the owner of the aircraft in question will be contacted regarding the complaint.

Eshott Airfield will endeavour to establish the validity of all complaints using the technology available to us.  Often aircraft are equipped with GPS or the pilot may have a device giving a track of the flight.


All noise complaints that are deemed to be genuine will be analysed to look for trends that could potentially be mitigated.  In the event that there is a policy change from your complaint, you will be notified.

In the event of a serious danger to the public, you may be contacted further by Eshott Airfield to establish further facts.  It is likely that the Police will also contact you to take a statement.

Anonymous complaints will not be considered.


Whilst we will take all complaints seriously, we often receive false information or regular vexatious complaints.

Our pilots often receive anonymous letters from a particular local - any such letter will be ignored. 


If your complaint isn't anonymous but is repeated or we believe that we have responded on more than one occasion, with oversight from Northumberland County Council, and with the same information, it is clear that no further communication will benefit either party and no further responses will be made.

Eshott Airfield will store complaints that are proven to be false for future use with Northumberland Council or as evidence of harrassment. 


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Thank you for letting us know about your complaint.  We will review it as soon as possible to see if there is anything we can do.  We may wish to contact you to clarify any details about your complaint form by telephone or email.