The General Data Protection Regulation is designed to make sure that your data is safe.  Eshott Airfield has to make sure that your any data we keep is securely stored, accurate, purposeful, legal and transparent.  Take a look below at how Eshott Airfield stays compliant and understand how we use your data and for what purpose.  
If you are aware that we have your data on file somewhere and would like it removed, please use the contact form to get in touch with us and we will happily remove your details from our database or records.
The Eshott Airfield website will collect data during the purchase of any membership or product through this website.  You'll be asked to provide your full name, address, telephone number. 
We will not be given any access to any bank information during any transaction through our website and it will not be kept on our system. 

Your information may be shared internally with Eshott Airfield, RS AeroEngineering or Eshott School of Flying Limited if it is reasonable to do so or they are required to contact you.  Under no circumstances will your information be sold to external companies for advertising reasons. 


Your information will never be sold on outside the 'Group' for contact information. 


Information collected through this website will only be used to contact a member for operational reasons or as an initial next of kin in the event of an accident.  Members joining Eshott Airfield will have their data will be kept at least 12 months.

During the Covid19 pandemic your information may be used for 'Track and Trace' and will be kept for a minimum of 21 days.