Before booking your ticket, please give these rules a read so that you understand how our event is going to work.  Once you've read it, get your ticket booked as they're selling fast!



This event is only able to go ahead due to a complicated planning process that has been devised by our staff over a number of weeks.  It is very important that you and your family follow these procedures - any household breaking the rules will be asked to leave and will not be offered any form of refund.  

When you book your ticket, you will be given a start time for your adventure around the site.   You MUST be ready at reception at this time. 

You must only bring adults and children from the same household to this event in accordance with the latest government guidelines. 

You must maintain social distancing at all times and must not allow members of your household to mix with other families or event staff. 

You must follow the one way system around the airfield on your search for the missing airman, Gary. 

You must never overtake the family ahead of you on the one way system and must move on from your challenge when the time is signalled.

You must not mix with any other table if you use the seating areas - if a table is seen to mix with another, both tables will be asked to leave.

One person per family will be allowed to use the self service haunted tea truck or Burger stall.  You must use the hand santiser provided.

You must not touch the decorations or actors.  Anyone trying to touch an actor on the night will be asked to leave with no refund given. 



As you will be unable to sign our disclaimer on the day due to social distancing procedures for this event, by booking a ticket you will adhere to the rules opposite and agree to the following disclaimer. Any household that is breaking social distancing rules will be asked to leave and will not be offered any form of refund.  


You should wear appropriate clothing for your time outside on site.  It is prepared for wind, rain, mud and blood!


If you are showing symptoms of Covid19 or suspect you have come into contact with someone recently who has symptoms, you must stay at home!


Your details on purchasing will be retained for Track and Trace.  We will hold your details for 21 days should they be required for Track & Trace.


You should not take part in the event if you are pregnant, suffering from vertigo, dizziness, loss of balance, have angina / any other heart condition


Airfields can be hazardous environments and participants must abide by all safety instructions or signs given throughout the course


The airfield grounds are grassed, tarmac and stoned areas on which it is possible to slip or trip.   Extra cake should be taken when walking on site.


Video and photographs may be taken for social media purposes.  If you do not wish for your photograph to be taken, inform our staff on arrival.


Eshott Airfield reserves the right to refuse entry to any participant with a valid ticket that has arrived late to the event. 


This will be your time slot that you must be ready for.  You should report to the airfield reception at this time.  You MUST not be late or you may not be allowed into the airfield.


Pick your day only need ONE household group booking slot.


Once you've chosen your time slot for your household, you must book your kids tickets.  Adults don't need to pay.  Any child who is participating in the event must pay for a ticket.  


All ages are welcome, but the event is aimed at 3-10 year olds.